Your First Dance

Your First Dance is one of the most memorable moments of your Wedding Reception. There is only one First Dance, so pick something personal that matches you and your vision for your Wedding.

The timing of the First Dance fits best after the guests are seated and the Bridal Party Introductions are complete. You have your guests’ attention more at that point than any other time of the Wedding.

Your Song
Your First Dance song should have some personal meaning, even if the lyrics aren’t perfect for a Wedding. This way, a lifelong connection to your first dance will hold a special moment, place and time in your life. Keep in mind, you may want to avoid certain songs because of their lyrics. You also may choose to edit out certain parts of songs or even shorten the length.

Finding the Perfect Song
The first place to look is your own music library. We recommend browsing your own library before browsing the Internet. And listening to your favorite radio station or music channel may help as well. Discuss this together as a couple as one of you may remember a special song that brings back a sweet or romantic memory. It’s best to choose your first dance song sooner than later.

Connecting with Your DJ
The first thing to do after you pick out your song is to check with your DJ and make sure he has the right version of your song. We suggest you e-mail the DJ a copy of the version you picked – don’t overlook this important tip!

Dance Lessons or Not?
Wedding guests always love a well-choreographed first dance and lessons are something you can continue as a married couple. In 25 years of Wedding DJ’ing experience, it has worked well every time; even if the dance didn’t go as well as planned. Our advice is that if you decide to go down this road, practice ~ practice ~ practice!

Keep your first dance song choice a secret!
This is important because family members and friends may not agree with your choice and possibly try to convince you to change it. This is your Wedding and we think you should only confide this important choice with someone whose opinion and judgement you trust well.

Include Your Group!
Lastly, if you have a large dance floor, consider having your guests form a circle around you during your first dance. That way, it’s more personal and you won’t feel like an island in the ocean. Just make sure the important older people in your life, like Grandparents, have a chair to sit in during your dance if needed.

If you have any First Dance suggestions you would like to share, please send your idea to [email protected].

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