Mother-Son Dance

There’s something endearing about a Groom’s dance with his Mom on his Wedding Day.
So take some time to review our tips for the Mother-Son Dance.

225A7172The timing of the Mother-Son Dance typically follows the Father-Daughter Dance. It’s moat common to do the Mother-Son and Father-Daughter dances after the meal or after the Cake Cutting. Selecting to right time should be based on your preferences. We recommend right after the meal.

If you have a large dance floor, consider having the guests gather around the dance floor for the Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances making that special moment that much more special.

Some couples may combine the Mother-Son and Father-Daughter dances using one song. There are many songs such as, “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole that would work well for this dance.

Consider involving your Mom in choosing a song… but only if she wants to be involved. Often, parents are happy to simply let you pick out this song, so don’t be surprised if this is your Mom.

One last option is to invited other Mothers and Sons at the Reception to join in the dance half way through the song – this usually works well if there’s at least 4 or more other Mother-Son combinations at the Wedding.

If you have any Mother-Son Dance suggestions you would like to share, please send your idea to [email protected].

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