About WeddingDJs.com

“Your Day. Your DJ.”

WeddingDJs.com is a family owned Internet directory service which helps Brides and Grooms connect with a DJ for their Wedding based on price, availability and style. Once connected, Brides and Grooms can enter their Wedding information for their DJ to use on their Wedding Day.

What sets us apart image

  • Brides and Grooms can
    • Connect with their DJ
    • Enter their Wedding Ceremony & Reception information online
    • Learn about and discuss fun Wedding ideas
    • Sharing their experience with other couples by rating their DJ
  • Wedding DJs can
    • Connect with Brides and Grooms
    • View their connected couples Wedding information
    • Assist couples in planning their music choices and preferences
    • Provide professional advice in our “Ask a Wedding DJ” blog

Why we do it

Based on discussions with Wedding DJs, they want to focus their Internet advertising campaign on sites that specifically match the services they offer. This is what WeddingDJs.com is all about. Our goal is to exclusively list Wedding DJs and make is simple for couples to connect and then once connected, couples can work directly with their DJ online right up to their Wedding!

How can we make your experience better?  Please contact us at [email protected].

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